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Category: Human Factors / Crew Resource Management

Transport Canada Blended CRM Initial
FlightSafety’s Transport Canada Blended CRM Initial training meets the requirements for Transport Canada Initial CRM Training as specified in TC...
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Single-pilot Resource Management eLearning and Line Oriented Simulator Training (LOST)
FlightSafety’s Single-Pilot Resource Management eLearning and Line Oriented Simulator Training will provide clients the opportunity to experience...
Single-pilot Resource Management (SRM)
FlightSafety’s eLearning Single-Pilot Resource Management (SRM) course familiarizes pilots with the challenges of single pilot operations and...
Human Factors/CRM General Concepts for Pilots (eLearning)
Become familiar with aspects of Human Factors/Crew Resource Management (CRM) specifically relevant to pilots.
Human Factors/CRM General Concepts for Aviation Professionals (eLearning)
Learn how Human Factors/Crew Resource Management (CRM) can impact your operation's safety through a variety of roles.
Human Factors / CRM Communication (LiveLearning)
FlightSafety’s Human Factors / CRM Communication course develops the individual’s ability to communicate effectively and accurately.
Human Factors / CRM Automation Management (LiveLearning)
Learn how to effectively manage automation in this 2-hour FAA-Approved LiveLearning course.
Human Factors / CRM - The Human Element (LiveLearning)
This course is designed to present techniques and strategies for maximizing human performance.
Human Factors / CRM  Situation Awareness (LiveLearning)
FlightSafety’s Human Factors / CRM Situation Awareness course is based on the training elements listed in Transport Canada AC 700-042, FAA AC...
Human Factors / CRM  Safety Leadership (LiveLearning)
Safety Leadership topics include effective leadership and followership, compliance with standards, team building and interpersonal relationships, and...
Human Factors - CRM Decision Making (LiveLearning)
Learn how to make better decisions by understanding the many different facets of effective decision-making.
Helicopter Crew Resource Management (CRM)
Pilots will become familiar with the basic aspects of Crew Resource Management (CRM) as it applies to helicopter operation.
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Fatigue Management (eLearning)
FlightSafety’s eLearning Fatigue Management course helps pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance technicians understand and manage fatigue.
CRM Refresher (LiveLearning)
An operator with no standard operating procedures is involved in a runway excursion. Could this incident have been prevented through Crew Resource...
Crew Resource Management (CRM) Recurrent (Traditional Classroom)
This course is geared toward the pilot who has an understanding of the basic concepts and principles of CRM and is seeking a review to reinforce the...
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Crew Resource Management (CRM) Initial (Traditional Classroom)
The FlightSafety Human Factors CRM – Initial meets FAA, EASA, and Transport Canada training requirements.
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