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North Atlantic High Level Airspace (NAT HLA) (eLearning)

With this FAA-approved eLearning course, pilots will become familiar with the issues associated with Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (MNPS) and the North Atlantic High Level Airspace (NAT HLA), including:

  • Horizontal Navigation
  • Performance/accuracy and operating procedures (normal and contingency)
  • Crew Procedures
  • Aircraft Requirements

Specifically, by the end of this course pilots will be able to:

  • Define and identify the lateral and vertical limits of MNPS Airspace and the North Atlantic High Level Airspace (HLA) and Canadian MNPS
  • Outline the equipment and accuracy requirements for MNPS Airspace and the North Atlantic High Level Airspace (HLA) and Canadian MNPS
  • Apply Strategic Lateral Offset Procedure (SLOP) and establish when it should be used
  • Identify the necessary flight operation procedures, actions and steps required during pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight operations
  • Identify the contingency procedures in response to system failure, communication failure, wake turbulence and weather

This course references FAA AC 61-107B (current revision) in compliance with the ground training portion of FAR 61.31(g) (i-ix). This course also complies with IS-BAO High Altitude Training section 5.4 and Oxygen Supply Requirements section 6.2.6 as well as Transport Canada’s CASS 724.115(24).

This course does not cover the flight training portion covered in FAR 61.31(g)(2).  This may be accomplished during pilot Initial or Recurrent training at a FlightSafety learning center or as part of a separate course designed for 61.31(g)(2).

Course Previews
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Course Objectives

The course covers the following topics:

  • Lateral and Vertical Limits

  • Equipment Requirements
  • Flight Planning
  • Flight Operations    
  • Special Emphasis Items
  • Contingency Procedures
  • Human Factors / CRM elements as required
  • Examination
Features &
  • Available anytime and anywhere via the internet
  • Interactive, engaging, self-paced course
  • Resource documents available for download
  • Course provides extra features such as a search engine, glossary, bookmarks, notepad and more
  • Obtain a FlightSafety Certificate of Completion
  • Available on Apple iPad
Additional Information
  • NAT HLA can be purchased on its own or as part of the Enrichment Library
  • Target Audience: Pilots
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Course Access:You will have access to this course for one full year.
  • Delivery: 100% web-delivered and self-paced.
  • Credit: Once you have completed the course, you are awarded a FlightSafety International certificate of completion. If you are an existing FlightSafety customer, you can also pick up your record of training in myFlightSafety.