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Learn how to plan and execute P-RNAV departures and arrivals with FlightSafety's Precision Area Navigation eLearning Course.

After reviewing the principles of Area Navigation, the course compares Area Navigation with Required Navigation Performance and it explains the criteria for P-RNAV airworthiness and operational approvals.

The course then presents a scenario in which you will observe the procedures required during a P-RNAV departure from Copenhagen and a P-RNAV arrival at Amsterdam. The scenario provides on-screen representations of the navigation charts for these P-RNAV procedures, and it includes realistic FMS images for related pre-flight and en-route checks such as excluding unserviceable NAVAIDs. 

Course Objectives

This course will help you understand the following aspects of P-RNAV:

  • RNAV Fundamentals
    • RNAV Types
    • RNAV Design
  • P-RNAV Approval Source Documents
    • Source Documents
    • Approval Requirements
  • Normal Operating Procedures-Flight Planning
    • Scenario Introduction-Copenhagen to Amsterdam
    • Requirements
    • ICAO Flight Plan Equipment Codes
    • Navigation Infrastructure
  • Normal Operating Procedures-Pre-flight & Departure
  • Normal Operating Procedures-En-route & Arrival
  • Additional Operating Procedures
    • Route Modification
    • Use of LNAV & VNAV
    • Phraseology
    • Loss of P-RNAV Capability
    • Specific Contingency Procedures
    • Reporting Requirements
  • Examination
Features &
  • Interactive, engaging, self-paced course
  • Developed by experienced pilots and flight instructors
  • Available anytime and anywhere via the internet
  • Employs an operationally-oriented, scenario-based approach that reflects FlightSafety's experience with P-RNAV training
  • Resource documents available for download
  • Many user friendly enhancements including a search engine, glossary, bookmarks, notepad and more
  • Learners obtain a FlightSafety Certificate of Completion
Additional Information
  • Price: $310 USD/person
  • Target Audience: Pilots
  • Duration: 2.0 hours
  • Delivery: 100% web-delivered and self-paced.
  • Credit: Once you have completed the course and successfully passed the test, you are awarded a FlightSafety International certificate of completion. If you are an existing FlightSafety customer, you can also pick up your record of training in myFlightSafety.