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SIM OPS – SIPO (SIT) – Transition

The session provides the applicant with simulator and Instructor Operating Station (IOS) training in accordance with FAR 142.53(a)(3),(4)(i-iv) and  FlightSafety International’s requirement for Simulator Instructor Panel Operations (SIPO) training and its safety protocols and procedures for safe simulator operations.

 SIT training is available in the following IOS panels:

    • Legacy
    • Millennium
    • FS1000



  • Transition refers to training on an Instructor Operating Station (IOS) that differs to the one trained on during the Initial SIM OPS SIPO (SIT). This can be accomplished only once the Initial SIM OPS SIPO (SIT) has been completed.

Example: Initial SIT training was conducted on a Legacy IOS and transition training is required on a FS1000 IOS.

  • The SIT Transition Training to be conducted and the safety and emergency procedures to be briefed shall be specific to the simulator and Instructor Operating Station (IOS) the trainee is intending to qualify in. 
  • The training hours for a particular lesson may vary depending on depth of client discussion.  However, as a minimum, curriculum segment hours will be met.

Course Curriculum: 1.0 Hour
Course Previews
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Course Objectives

The course covers the following topics:

  • Proper Operation of Flight Simulator and Flight Training Device Controls and Systems
  • Proper Operation of Environmental and Fault Panels
  • Simulator Discrepancy Logs
Features &
  • Learn safety protocols and procedures for safe simulator operations
  • Obtain a FlightSafety Certificate of Completion
Additional Information

Course Dates: This course is scheduled on request. Please contact any Learning Center to schedule.