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Single-pilot Resource Management eLearning and Line Oriented Simulator Training (LOST)

FlightSafety’s Single-Pilot Resource Management eLearning and Line Oriented Simulator Training will provide clients the opportunity to experience challenging and realistic single-pilot operations.

Learn how to use effective situational awareness, communication, workload assessment, and time management skills in the eLearning ground school, and apply that experience to safely and successfully complete challenging flights in the simulator. Normal procedures and selected abnormal / emergency procedures are covered in this training.This scenario is a cross-country flight from New York, LaGuardia (KLGA) to Washington, D.C. (KDCA) with a stop at East Hampton, NY (KHTO), during which normal procedures are practiced using avionics systems applicable to individual customer needs.

This training comes with our Single-pilot Resource Management Flight Risk Assessment Tool (SRM FRAT), available via FlightBag.

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Course Objectives
  • Establish situation awareness and breaking the error chain.
  • Use of effective communication skills.
  • Effective workload assessment and time management.
  • Use of an effective briefing.
  • Awareness and reliance on automation.
  • Effective decision making and judgment.
  • Recognition and management of stress.
  • Situation awareness of runway conditions and weather conditions, and how it will affect takeoff and landing performance.
Additional Information

Atlanta, Georgia

Dallas North, Texas

Farnborough, United Kingdom:

Greensboro, North Carolina

Laguardia, New York

Long Beach, California 

Orlando, Florida:

West Palm Beach, Florida

Wichita Cessna, Kansas:

Wichita East, Kansas: