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$600 USD
UAS Essentials Online Library

The UAS Essentials Online Library is designed to supplement fundamental knowledge above and beyond that required by various regulations.

Covering a wide range of topics applicable to most operators, this library helps build a standard base of knowledge to contribute to safe and efficient operations.

Includes Current UAS Courses

Coming Soon*

  • Aerodynamics
  • Basic Photography
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Course Objectives

This library helps you and your operation build a standard knowledge base according to the below learning objectives.

Battery Basics

  • Describe the different types of batteries and how they impact sUAS operations
  • Describe how to properly inspect batteries and describe best maintenance practices
  • Explain proper battery handling procedures and safety measures

Fatigue Management for UAS Operations

  • Identify contributing factors and causes of fatigue
  • List techniques for fatigue management/mitigation 
  • Describe the physiological aspects of sleep
  • State how fatigue affects Human Factors/CRM

Resource Management for UAS Operations

  • Optimally manage resources
  • Minimize risk
  • Optimize performance
  • Improve overall flight safety

Safety Management Systems (SMS) for UAS Operations

  • Describe the benefits of a Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Explain the four components of an SMS
  • Define the roles and responsibilities in an SMS
  • Illustrate the importance of a positive safety culture

Weather for UAS Operations

  • Locate various sources of weather data and determine its applicability to the mission
  • Define how pressure, density altitude, and wind affects performance and planning
  • Apply the weather data discovered and determine the desired level of safety
  • Understand how weather affects sUAS operations
  • Recall both vehicle and flight crew weather limitations
Features &

This eLearning Library provides clients with the following features and benefits:

  • Train at your own pace with 365 days of access to complete courses and review content
  • Accessible anywhere with an internet connection
  • Desktop and iPad compatible
  • Lesson progress is automatically saved
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion for each course
Additional Information

Free App Download: FlightSafety's Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) app is now available free of charge. Visit the Apple App Store and download your free FRAT today *Only available on iPad

*Coming Soon: Clients will be enrolled in Aerodynamics and Basic Photography courses when the courses become available, for a duration of 365 days. 

Value of Library: The retail value of this library totals $1,190.00 USD.