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International Procedures South America (eLearning)

Adequate planning and training are the keys to a successful international flight. With a diverse set of regulations, requirements and cultural practices, each country in the South America region has its own challenges and peculiarities.

With FlightSafety’s eLearning International Procedures South America course, pilots will become familiar with the topics associated with flight operations within the continent of South America.

Course Previews
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Course Objectives

This self-paced course covers the following topics: 

  • Flight Planning
  • Meteorology
  • CNS and ATM
  • Contingencies
  • Special Emphasis Items
  • Regional Characteristics
  • Human Factors/CRM Elements as required
  • Examination
Features &
  • Access to regional reference guide- South America via FlightBag App
  • Learn about the varied peculiarities that can affect flight operations in South America
  • Learn country-specific challenges, requirements, and procedures
  • Interactive, engaging, self-paced course
  • Available anytime and anywhere via the internet
  • Resource documents available for download
  • Many user friendly enhancements including a search engine, glossary, bookmarks, notepad and more
  • Obtain a FlightSafety Certificate of Completion
  • Accessible on all tablets
Additional Information
  • If you are a full service customer and wish to purchase via credit card: please contact us
  • Target Audience: Pilots, Schedulers/Dispatchers
  • Minimum Duration: 2.0 hours
  • Course Access:You will have access to this course for one full year.
  • Delivery: 100% web-delivered and self-paced
  • Credit: Once you have completed the course and successfully passed the test, you are awarded a FlightSafety International certificate of completion. If you are an existing FlightSafety customer, you can also pick up your record of training in myFlightSafet