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Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS) - (eLearning Ground & Simulator)

With this course, pilots will become familiar with the aspects of EVAS training.  After completing the eLearning ground school, pilots will know how to:

  • State the location, purpose and operation of the EVAS components, controls, and indicators,
  • Identify the required EVAS test procedures,
  • List the steps involved in both normal and abnormal EVAS operations,
  • Explain the limitations of EVAS
  • Describe how Crew Resource Management can influence the use of EVAS

The simulator session reinforces material presented in the ground training segment. In addition, the pilot will practice one arrival with smoke in the cockpit, requiring deploying of the EVAS unit. Human factor and CRM issues will be exercised.

Course Curriculum:  1.75 hours

  • eLearning Ground School:  0.5 hours
  • Examination: .25 hours
  • Brief/Debrief:  0.5 hours
  • Simulator (Pilot Flying):  0.5 hours
Course Previews
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Course Objectives

Lesson Objectives eLearning Ground:

  • System Overview
  • EVAS unit components and functions
  • Normal and abnormal operations 
  • Inspection and maintenance 
  • Limitations 
  • CRM and Decision-Making 
  • Summary 
  • Examination

Lesson Objectives Simulator:

Normal Operations

  • Instrument Procedures
  • Precision Approach
  • Landing
  • IVU Deflation


  • Smoke in Cockpit
  • EVAS Deployment
  • Approach utilizing EVAS
  • Landing utilizing EVAS
Additional Information

Course Dates: This course is scheduled on request. Please contact any of the Learning Centers below to schedule.


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