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What are the system requirements for eLearning?

PC or Apple Mac:

  • Operating System: PC, Windows 7 or newer. Apple Mac, OS X 10.7 (Lion) or newer
  • Browser: Google Chrome (recommended), Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 9+
  • Adobe Flash 9.0+ (not required for all courses)
  • Stable High-Speed internet connection
  • Speakers or Headset/Headphones

Apple iPad:*

  • iOS6 or newer
  • Browser: Apple Safari
  • Stable High-Speed internet connection
*Only for iPad Compatible courses. Non-iPad compatible courses require PC or Apple Mac. 


As an existing FlightSafety Customer, how do I purchase eLearning for my flight department?

Please contact us at: or at one of the below mentioned phone numbers to discuss your requirements and how FlightSafety's eLearning can meet your training needs.


If I don't train with FlightSafety, can I still buy online courses?

Yes. Courses can be purchased with a Credit Card by selecting the desired course on the web page and then clicking the "Buy Online" link. Access to the course is instant after a successful credit card transaction.


Do you offer any courses that count towards Inspection Authorization (IA) renewal for Maintenance Technicians?

Yes. The following courses are currently available online and count towards IA renewal:
  • Gulfstream G350/G450/G500/G550 Ground Handling & Servicing - counts 1.5 hours towards IA renewal
  • Maintenance RVSM (Recurrent) - counts 2 hours towards IA renewal
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada eLearning Engine Courses - ATA104 Level 1 counts 4 hours and Level 2 counts 5 hours towards IA renewal


I have a maintenance event-based agreement with FlightSafety. Can I use these event credits toward eLearning courses?

Yes. The following eLearning courses have an event value assigned to them:
  • Engine Run & Taxi (ERT) - Signs and Markings - .05 events
  • NextGen Comm/Navigation (Mx) - .05 events
  • Cold Weather Operations - 0.05 events
  • Corporate Aviation Security - 0.05 events
  • Crew Emergency Training - 0.10 events
  • Gulfstream Groundhandling & Servicing - 0.03 events
  • Hazardous Materials for "Will-Not-Carry" Operators (HAZMAT) - 0.04 events
  • Maintenance RVSM (Recurrent) - 0.10 events
  • Safety Management Systems for Managers - 0.05 events
  • Safety Management Systems for Aviation Professionals - 0.05 events
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada eLearning Engine Courses - 0.07 events


Will I be issued a Certificate of Completion?

Yes. After successfully completing a course and passing the examination, you are awarded a certificate of completion in PDF format. If you are an existing FlightSafety customer, you can also pick up your record of training and certificate of completion in myFlightSafety.


I don't have time to take a four-hour course all at once. Can I start and stop the course in a self-paced fashion?

Yes. Our Learning Management System (LMS) tracks your progress. If you exit the course or lose your internet connection, the system will remember where you left off (even if you log in from a different computer). Upon logging back into the course, the system will ask you if you'd like to return to your last visited page.


How long do I have to complete a course?

All eLearning courses will be available for one calendar year from the date of enrollment.



How many times can I take a Lesson or Course Assessment?

You will be granted two attempts at the assessment(s) for online eLearning and LiveLearning courses. Additional assessment attempts can be requested via and will be granted under the following guidelines;

  • Two attempts at the end of course assessment scoring lower than 80% will require a re-take of the Course and one extra attempt of the end of Course assessment.
  • Two attempts at the end of lesson assessment scoring lower than 80% will require a re-take of the Lesson and one extra attempt of the end of Lesson assessment.
  • If a technical issue results in an assessment attempt limit exceedance, one additional attempt of the assessment will be granted.


Can I run FlightSafety's eLearning courses on my iPad?

Yes! The majority* of FlightSafety's eLearning courses can be run on the iPad using the Safari browser.

*Non-iPad compatible courses require PC or Apple Mac.



What if my question isn't here?

Please contact us via email at or call us at one of the numbers below. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback.





What are the system requirements for LiveLearning?

PC or Apple Mac:

Apple iPad:

  • iOS6 or newer
  • Browser: Apple Safari or Google Chrome
  • Cisco WebEx Meetings app (Available from App Store. See App Store for compatibility)
  • Stable High-Speed internet connection

Audio Requirements:

  • All LiveLearning training sessions require a headset with microphone OR a telephone line (long distance charges will apply)


Why is FlightSafety delivering enrichment training via LiveLearning?

  • LiveLearning allows us to use our best instructors across the organization to deliver the enrichment training within their area of expertise.
  • LiveLearning will provide you greater flexibility in your enrichment training as you can now complete your training from any computer with an internet connection. You no longer need to try to complete this training at the learning center.
  • LiveLearning allows our clients who train at smaller centers to have access to the same enrichment courses that are offered by our larger centers.


I'm a Full Service client. With LiveLearning, will I still receive my enrichment training free of charge?

Yes, Full Service clients receive select enrichment training via LiveLearning free of charge.


How is LiveLearning different from eLearning?

LiveLearning is instructor-led training over the web and is accessed at a set date and time. eLearning is self-paced training that allows you to login at any time.


What should I expect from a LiveLearning training session?

LiveLearning is an interactive presentation delivered by an instructor over WebEx. Throughout the presentation, you are encouraged to engage with the courseware, the instructor, and the other learners. You will have the opportunity to answer polls, listen to cockpit recordings, watch videos, and use other interactive features. As several students are expected to be in attendance in LiveLearning training sessions, you will have ample opportunity to share your experiences or learn from other students' experiences.


What equipment will I need?

If you attend the LiveLearning training at a center, you will not need anything as you will be provided a computer and a headset. If you prefer to complete your training from your home, office, or while on the road, you will need a computer with an internet connection and a headset with microphone, or a telephone (long distance charges will apply).


What LiveLearning courses are available and when are they offered?

The list of available LiveLearning courses continues to grow, and current schedules and training dates can be found here.


How can I schedule my LiveLearning training?

You can schedule your LiveLearning enrichment training just like you've scheduled your in-class enrichment training in the past. Simply contact your FlightSafety Learning Center and speak with a Customer Service Representative (CSR). Or, you may contact the LiveLearning group directly at 1-316-220-3231 or


How will I receive my Record of Training?

Records of Training are available on myFlightSafety, the same way that flight training records are accessed.