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Helicopter Instrument Refresher (Traditional Classroom & Simulator)

This course is intended to enhance the helicopter pilot’s situational awareness through a more thorough and accurate understanding of Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) and related subjects.  The participant-led discussions and scenario-based activities are designed to inspire a confident attitude in the client to apply their IFR skills and knowledge of daily operations.

Course Curriculum:  16.5 hours

  • Ground School:  8.0 hours
  • Brief/Debrief: 3.0 hours
  • Simulator (Pilot Flying):  5.5 hours


Available in the following aircraft:

  • Bell 212
  • Bell 412
  • Bell 430
  • Airbus Helicopter EC135
  • Sikorsky S76B
  • Sikorsky S76C+/C++
  • Sikorsky S76D
Course Previews
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Course Objectives

Lesson Objectives Ground:

  • FAR/AIM Definitions
  • Airspace Review
  • FAR Regulations
  • CRM/Risk Management
  • Taxi Procedures
  • Flight Planning
  • IFR Departure and Approach
  • Review Questions and Conclusion

Lesson Objectives Simulator:  
In the Flight Training Device or Simulator, using appropriate aeronautical charts, the pilot(s) will perform VFR and/or IFR procedures as outlined in the Aeronautical Information Manual within the tolerances specified in the Instrument Rating and/or Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Practical Test Standards Rotorcraft Helicopter as appropriate for the pilot certificate held.

  • 61.56 Flight Review (subject to simulator capabilities, client landing currency, and based on the current FAR 61.56 requirements)
  • 61.57a (VFR) General experience based on current FAR 61.57a requirements (subject to simulator capabilities)
  • 61.57b (VFR) Night takeoff and landing experience based on current FAR 61.57b requirements (subject to simulator capabilities)
  • 61.57c - Instrument Experience (subject to client instrument currency, appropriate instrument rating and based on the current FAR 61.57c requirements (subject to simulator capabilities and based on the current FAR requirements)
  • 61.57d - Instrument Proficiency Check based on FAR 61.57d requirements (subject to simulator capabilities and based on the current FAR requirements)
Additional Information

Course Dates: This course is scheduled on request. Please contact any of the Learning Centers below to schedule.

DFW Airport, Texas:

Lafayette, Louisiana:

West Palm Beach, Florida: