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Helicopter Surviving Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) - (Traditional Classroom & Simulator)

This course provides helicopter pilots with techniques and procedures to help avoid and survive an Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) event.  In addition, the course is a valuable refresher and motivator to maintain IFR proficiency during the course of normal line operations.

Course Curriculum:  8.0 hours

  • Ground School:  3.5 hours
  • Brief/Debrief:  2.0 hours
  • Simulator (Pilot Flying):  2.5 hours
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Course Objectives

Lesson Objectives Ground:
By the end of this course, pilots will be able to:

  • State the major causes for IIMC accidents
  • List preflight and in-flight IIMC avoidance strategies
  • Describe effective Preflight Planning
  • Identify conditions that warrant a “no-go”, “turn around” or “land” decision
  • List best practices for surviving initial entry into IIMC
  • Describe the recovery procedures for an IIMC encounter

Lesson Objectives Simulator: 
 The simulator session reinforces material presented in the Helicopter Inadvertent IMC ground training segment. Pilots will be trained to understand the hazards and how to avoid an inadvertent IMC event, and to respond to various instrument threats during a flight scenario. In addition, the crew will practice recovery procedures while implementing Human Factor and CRM techniques. All elements will be graded with a “T” for Training only.

Additional Information

Course Dates: This course is scheduled on request. Please contact the Learning Center below to schedule.

DFW Airport, Texas:

Dallas South, Texas:

Denver, Colorado:

Lafayette, Louisiana:

West Palm Beach, Florida: