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Human Factors & Crew Resource Management
Program Overview

FlightSafety's HF/CRM program is more than just a knowledge transfer.

With highly-relevant and modern training you will be ready to conduct safer and more efficient operations, meet regulatory requirements, and actually put your skills to use.
CRM Recurrent
For: Pilots
Covering over 20 topics, Crew Resource Management Recurrent is geared toward the pilot seeking reinforcement of their understanding of CRM.

For CRM Initial Training, learn more here.

Classroom (8 hours)
  • One day training
  • Available in-center or offsite
Online (total 8 hours)
  • HF/CRM General Concepts eLearning
  • Fatigue Management eLearning
  • Automation Management LiveLearning
  • Decision Making LiveLearning
eLearning Courses
Take advantage of convenient eLearning training available anywhere with an internet connection.
With 365 days of access, you can review the course even after training is complete. iPad compatible.
Fatigue Management
For: Pilots, Crew, Maintenance, and Managers
Plan for and manage your fatigue.
HF/CRM General Concepts
For: Pilots
Learn about HF/CRM and how to apply the
concepts everyday.
LiveLearning Courses
For: Pilots
Be trained by industry-leading Subject Matter Experts via live online training.
This flexible training is perfect for complex training at a distance.
Automation Management
FAA-Approved. Study and implement effective
automation management techniques.
Decision Making
FAA-Approved. Recognize errors and improve
flight safety by better understanding the process
of decision making.
CRM 4.0
FAA-Approved. Apply crew resource management
and human factors to enhance flight safety.
CRM 2.0
FAA-Approved. Apply crew resource management
and human factors to enhance flight safety.
Train Where is Convenient for You
Classroom Training available at a FlightSafety Learning Center or At Your Location
*Some conditions may apply. Contact Us for more information.
Helicopter CRM Courses
For: Rotary Pilots
Helicopter Crew Resource Management (HCRM)
Learn about ten major CRM topics specifically relevant to helicopter operations.