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International Procedures
Program Overview
The International Procedures program delivers practical and comprehensive training to prepare you for international flight. Pilots with little or no international flight experience will find our Initial and LOFT training invaluable, while pilots with experience can refresh their knowledge with in-center or online Recurrent training. Our growing number of Regional courses familiarizes pilots with many of the unique challenges associated with specific regions and countries.
Training Solutions
International Procedures Initial
  • Delivery: 2-Days in-center training
    • Includes 2 online International Procedures Regional courses of your choice
  • FAA approved
  • Off-site training available
International Procedures Recurrent
*Recurrent + International Procedures LOFT Training is also available
International Procedures LOFT
  • Simulator-based Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT)
  • 5 Major regions: Atlantic, Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and Polar Ops
  • Customize your exact route with our expert instructors
Regional Courses
Our growing selection of Regional courses help familiarize you with many of the challenges associated with travel to specific regions and countries, including pertinent notes on flight planning, meteorology, CNS and ATM, contingencies, and special emphasis items. Regional courses are available online and are iPad compatible, and many courses include Regional Reference Guides through the FlightBag App.
  • Includes Regional Reference Guide
  • Delivery: eLearning
United States and Canada
  • Includes Regional Reference Guide
  • Delivery: eLearning
South America
  • Includes Regional Reference Guide
  • Delivery: eLearning
Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean Communities
  • Delivery: eLearning
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