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International Procedures Initial (Traditional Classroom)

This is a comprehensive ground school course on International Operations and meets all FAA training requirements for Letters of Authorization (LOAs)/Operation Specification (OPSPECs) for conducting operations in Special use Airspace.  MNPS, RVSM, RNP-10, and RNP-4 are covered in-depth.  BRNAV and PRNAV operations in European airspace are also included.  Emphasis is placed on use of modern navigation and flight management systems and the use of commercial flight planning services.

IPC Initial addresses all subjects covered in FAA Handbook 8900.1, Volume 4 and Advisory Circular 91-70A. This course is compliant with Transport Canada CASS 724.115(6)(d), 724.115(22)(E), 724.115(25)(a), 724.115(35), 724.115(36), 724.115(37)(a-d), and Transport Canada Ops Spec 614. 

FAA approved course.

Course Curriculum:  21 hours

Course Previews
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Course Objectives

The course covers the following topics:

  • ICAO Operational -Rules and Regulations
  • ICAO Measurement Standards
  • ICAO Approach Procedures
  • Oceanic Planning Charts
  • Altimetry Review
  • Russian Operations
  • Sources and Content of International Flight Publications
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Over flight Clearances
  • FAA/ICAO Flight Plan and Flight Log Preparation
  • Route Planning
  • RSVM
  • MNPS
  • RNP-4
  • RNAV-10
  • En-route and Terminal Procedures Different from US procedures
  • Long Range Air to Ground Communications Procedures
  • Structure of the Special use Airspace Where Flights Are Conducted
  • Air Traffic Clearance
  • International Meteorology
  • En-route Navigation Procedures for Each Type of Navigation Equipment Required
  • PRNAV/RNAV-1 Operations
  • BRNAV/RNAV-5 Operations
  • Atlantic
  • Pacific
  • Europe
  • Central and South America
  • Caribbean/ WATRS
  • TCAS/ACAS Operations
  • Operations in Areas of Magnetic Unreliability
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Examination
Additional Information

Course Dates: This course is scheduled on request. To schedule, click here to fill out the International Procedures Training Request Form or contact any of the Learning Centers below.

International Procedures:


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