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Category: LiveLearning ®

Weather Radar (LiveLearning)
With FlightSafety's LiveLearning Weather Radar course, pilots will become familiar with the aspects of weather radar equipment.
Warm Weather Operations (LiveLearning)
Many aviation accidents and incidents are caused by warm weather meteorological phenomena. With FlightSafety's Warm Weather Operations course, you...
TCAS/ACAS (LiveLearning)
FlightSafety's LiveLearning TCAS/ACAS course provides flight department personnel with a comprehensive description of the Traffic Alert and Collision...
TAWS (LiveLearning)
Controlled flight into terrain remains the leading cause of aviation accidents worldwide. Learn how the Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS)...
Safety Management Systems for UAS Operations Workshop  (LiveLearning)
This course assists new and existing UAS Operations in designing and implementing a turn-key FAA compliant Safety Management System (SMS) scaled to...
RVSM (LiveLearning)
FlightSafety's FAA-approved LiveLearning RVSM course is designed to inform pilots of the equipment requirements and the operating procedures while...
Professional Realtor Remote Pilot Essentials (LiveLearning)
The Real Estate Remote Pilot Course provides an overall review of the Unmanned Aircraft System with courseware specifically designed for Real Estate...
Photography and Videography Basics for UAS Operations (LiveLearning)
FlightSafety’s Photography and Videography Course provides an overall review of the Photography and Videography for Unmanned Aircraft Systems.
North Atlantic High Level Airspace (NAT HLA) (LiveLearning)
With this FAA-approved LiveLearning course, pilots will become familiar with the issues associated with Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications...
LiveLearning® Human Factors / CRM - The Human Element
This course is designed to present techniques and strategies for maximizing human performance.
LiveLearning® Human Factors / CRM  Situation Awareness
FlightSafety’s Human Factors / CRM Situation Awareness course is based on the training elements listed in Transport Canada AC 700-042, FAA AC...
LiveLearning® Human Factors / CRM  Communication
FlightSafety’s Human Factors / CRM Communication course develops the individual’s ability to communicate effectively and accurately.
International Procedures Recurrent (Traditional Classroom, LiveLearning)
This International Procedures Recurrent ground school course presents a comprehensive review of many of the subjects covered in the Initial but is...
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International Procedures Initial (Traditional Classroom, LiveLearning)
This is a comprehensive Initial ground school course on International Operations and meets all FAA training requirements for Letters of Authorization...
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Human Factors / CRM Automation Management (LiveLearning)
Learn how to effectively manage automation in this 2-hour FAA-Approved LiveLearning course.
Human Factors / CRM  Safety Leadership (LiveLearning)
Safety Leadership topics include effective leadership and followership, compliance with standards, team building and interpersonal relationships, and...
Human Factors - CRM Decision Making (LiveLearning)
Learn how to make better decisions by understanding the many different facets of effective decision-making.
High Altitude Training (LiveLearning)
With this FAA-approved course, pilots will meet the knowledge recommendations of high altitude flight and the special physiological and aerodynamic...
FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Course (LiveLearning)
The Part 107 Remote Pilot Course provides an overall review of the Unmanned Aircraft System in preparation for the Part 107 Exam.
ECTM / Engine Condition Trend Monitoring (LiveLearning)
With FlightSafety’s course, you will learn the fundamentals and skills necessary to produce, manipulate, and analyze ECTM graphs in order to monitor...
CRM Refresher (LiveLearning)
An operator with no standard operating procedures is involved in a runway excursion. Could this incident have been prevented through Crew Resource...
Cold Weather Operations 2019/20 (LiveLearning)
Cold weather hazards are the primary meteorological cause of aviation incidents and accidents worldwide. Learn how to keep your aircraft, crew and...
ALAR/CFIT (LiveLearning)
Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) remains the leading cause of aviation accidents worldwide and most CFIT accidents occur during the approach and...

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