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ECTM / Engine Condition Trend Monitoring (LiveLearning)
Start Time
End Time
Mon. Apr 19 - Tue. Apr 2008:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)15:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)2 Events
Wed. Apr 21 - Thu. Apr 2208:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)15:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)2 Events
Wed. Apr 21 - Thu. Apr 2218:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)23:30 EDT (GMT -04:00)2 Events
Mon. Apr 26 - Tue. Apr 2704:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)11:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)2 Events
Wed. Apr 28 - Thu. Apr 2904:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)11:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)2 Events
Mon. May 10 - Tue. May 1108:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)15:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)2 Events
Wed. May 12 - Thu. May 1308:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)15:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)2 Events
Mon. May 17 - Tue. May 1804:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)11:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)2 Events
Mon. May 24 - Tue. May 2504:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)11:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)2 Events
Mon. May 31 - Tue. Jun 0108:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)15:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)2 Events
Wed. Jun 02 - Thu. Jun 0308:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)15:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)2 Events
Mon. Jun 07 - Tue. Jun 0804:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)11:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)2 Events
Wed. Jun 09 - Thu. Jun 1004:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)11:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)2 Events
Mon. Jun 21 - Tue. Jun 2208:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)15:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)2 Events
Mon. Jun 28 - Tue. Jun 2904:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)11:00 EDT (GMT -04:00)2 Events

With FlightSafety’s course, you will learn the fundamentals and skills necessary to produce, manipulate, and analyze ECTM graphs in order to monitor engine performance.  By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Effectively use account management, fleet management, and engine management functions in engine condition trend analysis.
  • Correctly use the ECTM tools to manipulate displays and manage data for engine condition trend analysis.
  • Produce, manipulate and analyze ECTM graphs.
  • Use ECTM to monitor engine performance.
  • Correctly diagnose (troubleshoot) engine faults using ECTM.  


Applicable Models: JT15D, PT6A, PT6B, PT6C, PT6T, PW100, PW200, PW300, PW500, PW600

Course Previews
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Course Objectives

The course covers the following topics:

  • ECTM Overview
  • Engine Description
  • Engine Performance
  • Trend Analysis Guidelines
  • ECTM Tools and Functions
  • Trend Analysis (Practical)
  • Examination
Features &
  • Have the benefit of live interaction with our knowledgeable instructors and the convenience of training from any computer with an internet connection
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Obtain a FlightSafety Certificate of Completion 
Additional Information
  • Target Audience:  Technicians
  • Duration: 12.0 hours
  • Delivery:  Led by a live instructor over the web
  • Credit: Once you have completed the course and successfully passed the test, you are awarded a FlightSafety International certificate of completion. If you are an existing FlightSafety customer, you can also pick up your record of training in myFlightSafety