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TCAS/ACAS (LiveLearning)
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Mon. Jul 2715:30 EDT (GMT -04:00)18:00 EDT (GMT -04:00) 
Mon. Aug 3115:30 EDT (GMT -04:00)18:00 EDT (GMT -04:00) 
Wed. Oct 1412:15 EDT (GMT -04:00)14:45 EDT (GMT -04:00) 
Wed. Nov 1812:15 EST (GMT -05:00)14:45 EST (GMT -05:00) 

FlightSafety's LiveLearning TCAS/ACAS course provides flight department personnel with a comprehensive description of the Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance Systems and Airborne Collision Avoidance Systems and the various features these systems incorporate to alert flight crews to possible conflicts with other traffic. This course covers Version 6.04, Version 7.0 and Version 7.1 software.

Course Previews
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Course Objectives

FlightSafety’s TCAS/ACAS course will help you understand the purpose, function, and importance surrounding the need for TCAS/ACAS in your aircraft. The course covers the following topics:

  • TCAS/ACAS Fundamentals
  • Theory of Operation/General Concept of TCAS Operation
  • System Operation
  • Advisory Thresholds
  • TCAS/ACAS Limitations/TCAS General Limitation
  • TCAS/ACAS Inhibits
  • Operating Procedures
  • Use of Controls
  • Display Interpretation
  • Use of TA Only mode
  • Crew Coordination/Pilot Response/TA Responses/RA Responses
  • Reporting Requirements/TCAS Event Reporting
  • Expected Flight Crew Response and Level of Protection Provided by TCAS
  • ATC Communication and Coordination
  • TCAS Equipment Components Controls, Displays, Audio Alerts, and Annunciations
  • Interfaces and Compatibility with Other Aircraft Systems
  • MEL Provisions
  • Reporting TCAS Malfunctions
  • CRM elements as required
  • Examination
Features &
  • This course will answer questions such as:
    • What is TCAS/ACAS?
    • Why do you need it?
    • How does it work?
    • What components are needed to keep it functional?
    • What are the different types of TCAS/ACAS?
    • How should you respond to a TCAS/ACAS advisory?
  • Have the benefit of live interaction with our knowledgeable instructors with the convenience of training from any computer with an internet connection
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Obtain a FlightSafety Certificate of Completion
Additional Information
  • Complimentary to Full Service Customers
  • Target Audience: Flight crew members, department managers, and flight dispatchers
  • Regulatory Requirements: When approved by a POI, it will satisfy all known TCAS training requirements worldwide
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Delivery: Led by a live instructor over the web
  • Credit: Once you have completed the course and successfully passed the test, you are awarded a FlightSafety International certificate of completion. If you are an existing FlightSafety customer, you can also pick up your record of training in myFlightSafety.
  • To assure availability of space, we kindly ask that you make your LiveLearning reservation at least one business day in advance