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Salzburg Special Approach Familiarization (Traditional Classroom & Simulator)

This course provides pilots seeking approval for operations at the Salzburg (LOWS/SZG) Airport with familiarization of all aspects of operations. Included in the 1.5-hour ground school are the Articles required for authorization, AFM limitations, performance planning and criteria, the importance of thorough pre-planning for each arrival and departure, CRM issues regarding these operations, aircraft-specific procedures, and aircraft-specific performance calculations. The 1.5-hour simulator portion allows pilots to practice the demanding procedures required to gain confidence and proficiency. Pilots will receive a Record of Training indicating the specific training completed.

This course provides highly-focused training.  However, it does not provide authorization for operations at Salzburg Airport.  The Operator is responsible for contacting Salzburg Airport Operations to obtain any required approval for operations.

Prerequisites – The following airplane and pilot requirements must be met prior to the course.

  • Commercial Pilot License or ATP Certificate.
  • The Pilot must be operating an aircraft which it’s National Authority of registration has approved the required AFM Annexes for the Approaches.
  • The Operator is responsible for contacting Salzburg Airport Operations to obtain any required approval for operations.
  • Pilot must have a type rating for the aircraft matching the simulator the training is conducted in.


Course Curriculum:  4.5 hours

  • Ground School:  1.5 hours
  • Brief/Debrief:  1.5 hours
  • Simulator:  1.5 hours
Course Previews
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Course Objectives

Lesson Objectives Ground:

  • Overview of LOWS
  • Required Approvals
  • Arrivals
  • Approaches
  • Departures
  • Noise Abatement
  • CRM Techniques
  • Examination

Lesson Objectives Simulator:  
This simulator session reinforces material presented in the Salzburg Airport Familiarization ground-training segment. The crew will practice arrivals and departures at Salzburg Airport using the guidance from the aircraft-specific AFM. Human factor and CRM issues will be exercised.

Additional Information

Course Dates: This course is scheduled on request. Please contact any of the Learning Centers below to schedule.

Farnborough, United Kingdom: